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Term Dates

Below are the term dates for the 2021/22 Academic Year:

Autumn - Half Term 1:

  • Wednesday 1st September: Staff INSET (students do not attend)
  • Thursday 2nd September: Staff INSET (students do not attend)
  • Friday 3rd September: Years 7 and 8 return; Year 12 induction. We usually only have Year 7 in on this first day, to enable them to navigate the site. We will invite Year 8 in too this year, on the basis that the current Year 7s have never been able to do this, having been confined to their ‘Zone’ for the whole year.
  • Monday 6th September: Years 9, 10, 11 and 13 return, joining Years 7, 8 and 12
  • Thursday 30th September: Year 5/6 Open Evening (4pm until 7pm)
  • Friday 1st October: Staff INSET (students do not attend)
  • Fri 22nd Oct: End of Half Term 1

Autumn - Half Term 2:

  • Mon 1st Nov: Start of HT2
  • Wed 22nd Dec: End of HT2

Spring - Half Term 3:

  • Wednesday 5th January 2022: Start of Half Term 3
  • Monday 31st January: Staff INSET (students do not attend)
  • Friday 18th February: End of Half Term 3

Spring - Half Term 4:

  • Mon 28th Feb: Start of Half Term 4
  • Fri 8th Apr: End of Half Term 4

Summer – Half Term 5:

  • Mon 25th Apr: Start of Half Term 5
  • Fri 27th May: End of Half Term 5

Summer – Half Term 6

  • Monday 6th June: Start of Half Term 6
  • Friday 15th July: End of Half Term 6