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Our school is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please use the contact details below to get in touch with the school:

If you are a student and have a concern that you would like to share with a member of staff within the school and receive support with, please contact reportit@calderstones.co.uk. A member of the school’s Safeguarding Team will pick this up in the first instance.

We have set up specialist mailboxes for the next few weeks to help with receipt of communications from parents. The email address that you should use in order to contact the school, should you need to, is dependent on the Year group that your child is in and listed below:

You should get in touch using one of the email addresses above for one of the reasons listed below. Where possible, you should mark it for the attention of the correct person or persons if you know who this is. This will help to ensure that your email will then be filtered through to that person:

  • To make us aware of concerns about your child’s health or circumstances at home. In these cases, please mark the email: “FOA Head and Assistant Head of Year”.
  • If it is a generic question about a subject please mark it for the attention of the Head of that subject (e.g. “FAO Head of Maths”).
  • If it is a wider, more general query about work and learning as a whole, please mark it “FOA Senior Leader”.

If you have other issues that are not related to an individual student within a Year group then you can contact the school through the usual email address: admin@calderstones.co.uk

If you wish to see letters sent during this period from Mr Ratcliffe, then please click this link.

For any school finance related queries, please contact finance@calderstones.co.uk

If you are trying to make a delivery to the school site and find that it is inaccessible, please contact 07824 409 308.

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