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Est. 1921

Staff List

Heads of Department


Mrs P Glassey


Mrs S Fawcett


Mrs R Brown

Business Studies

Mr C Levy


Dr D Ellson


Mr L Edgeley

Design & Technology

Mr N McCarthy


Mr F Clarke

Food and Nutrition

Miss T Walsh


Mrs S Levy


Mr K Derbyshire


Mrs J Shannon

Modern Foreign Languages

Miss F Kyle

Physical Education

Mr G Johnson

Performing Arts

Mr C Sheard


Mr M Smith


Miss J Lancaster

Religious Studies

Mr J Buluma


Dr D Ellson


Mrs M Carlin

Head of Learning Support

Mrs N Quinn

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Co-ordinator

Mrs S Preston
(Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer/Mental Health First Aid Training)

 Heads/Assistant Heads of Year (as of March 2021)

Year 7

Mr T O’Brien / Mr A Johnston

Year 8

Mr D Lancaster/ Mr R Davies

Year 9

Mrs K Sheard / Mr J Steel

Year 10

Mr K Leadbetter / Mr C Spruce

Year 11

Mrs L Edwards / Mr E Jenkins

Year 12-13

Mr P Richards / Ms E Jones

 Department Staff


Mrs H Kealey

Mrs S Fawcett

Head of Department

Miss S Smyth


Mrs S Stokoe




Miss E Jones

Assistant Head of Y12/13

Mr C Levy

Head of Department

Mr M Jenkins

E-Learning Co-ordinator



Mr L Edgeley

Head of Department

Mr M Elliott

Mr G Jenkins

Mr D Lancaster

Head of Year 8

Mrs H Sheriton

Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator

Miss V Waine



Mr N McCarthy

Head of Department

Mr D Fields

Mrs E Turner-Bone


Miss T Walsh

Head of Food and Nutrition

Mrs L Withers

Child Development/PE (p/t)

Miss E Woods



Miss G Blower

Mr F Clarke

Head of Department

Mr D Crosdale

Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator

Mrs L Duffy

Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator

Miss R Fortune

Miss L Hengler-McDonald

Mr N Gordon

Ms P McKinney

Miss L McMullen

Literacy Co-ordinator

Mr L O’Hanlon

Assistant Headteacher (Improving Teaching & Learning)

Mrs C Stranack


Mrs R Watson

Key Stage 5 Co-ordinator

Miss A Williams

Assistant SENDCO



Mr L Burke


Mr M Ellis

Key Stage 3 Geography Co-ordinator

Mrs S Levy

Head of Department

Mr T O’Brien

Head of Year 7

Mr P Richards

Head of Year 12/13, School Careers Lead

Miss C Rowlands

Mr J Steel

Assistant Head of Year 9



Miss L Beeton

Mr M Davies

Mr K Derbyshire

Head of Department

Miss L Edwards

Head of Year 11

Mrs C Evans

Senior Assistant Headteacher

Mrs A Halliday

Key Stage 3 History Co-ordinator (p/t)

Mr A Johnston

Assistant Head of Year 7

Mr K Leadbetter

Head of Year 10



Mrs N Quinn

Head of Department (SENDCO)

Miss A Williams

Assistant SENDCO



Miss S Boyle

Numeracy Co-ordinator

Mrs A Bristow

Key Stage 4 Maths Co-ordinator (temporary) (p/t)

Miss E Campbell

Miss S Doheny

Mr S Flynn

Miss M Gilbert

Key Stage 3 Maths Co-ordinator

Mrs V Harrald

Key Stage 4 and 5 Maths Co-ordinator

Ms A Hughes


Mrs H Lee

Miss N Martin

Mrs J Shannon

Head of Department

Mr D Simcock

Mrs C Turner


Mr M Vincent


Mr S Williams

Senior Assistant Headteacher
(Director of Sixth Form & Qualifications)



Miss K Cooper


Miss R Donnelly

Key Stage 3 MFL Co-ordinator

Mr P Furlong

Mr J Gidman

Key Stage 4 MFL Co-ordinator

Miss F Kyle

Head of Department

Mrs S Preston

EAL Co-ordinator (Designated Safeguarding Officer/Mental Health First Aid Training)

Miss E Sanchez

Mrs K Sheard

Head of Year 9

Miss M Zietal



Miss M Lopes


Mr C Sheard

Head of Performing Arts

Miss S York

Assistant Headteacher (Improving Opportunities/Designated Safeguarding Lead)



Mrs G Cottrell

Mrs K Jackson

Key Stage 5 PE Co-ordinator

Mr G Johnson

Head of Department

Mr S Johnson

Mrs J McDonnell

Mr A Preston

Assistant Headteacher (Improving Behaviour)

Mrs N Quinn


Mr J Sherrard

Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator

Mrs L Withers


Mr M Withers

Key Stage 4 PE Co-ordinator



Miss J Lancaster

Head of Department



Mr J Buluma

Head of Department

Mrs R Carney


Mr S Jones

Miss J Lancaster

PSHE/Citizenship Co-ordinator

Mr J Sparkes




Mr S Ahmed

Mrs R Barlow


Mrs S Cain


Mr R Davies

Assistant Head of Year 8

Mrs A Denson


Mr C Dore

Mr P Ellis

Senior Assistant Headteacher (Improving Pastoral Care)

Dr D Ellson

Director of Science/Head of Chemistry

Mrs L Flynn


Miss H Gharooni

(p/t) Maternity Leave

Mrs M Howard

Miss K Lacey

Mr A McDonough

Mr M McLay

Mrs R Brown

Head of Biology

Mr I Pickavance

Miss L Servante

Mr C Spruce

Assistant Head of Year 10

Mr M Smith

Head of Physics

Dr G Turner

Key Stage 3 Science Co-ordinator



Mr J Cassidy

Mrs M Carlin

Head of Department



Mr L O’Hanlon


School Support Staff

Business Management (Mr D Byrne)

Business Manager

Mr D Byrne

Senior Finance Officer

Miss E Wright

Assistant Finance Officer

Miss R Williams

ICT Support:

Mr J Morris (Senior ICT Technician)

Mr S Smith (Data & Information Systems Manager)

Business Assistant

Miss C Vila


HR & Administration (Mrs P Glassey)

Human Resources & Administration Manager

Mrs P Glassey

Cover Manager/Administrator

Miss R Mayers (Maternity Leave)

Miss E Musa (Maternity cover)

Assistant Admin Officer/Receptionist

Mrs B Needham

Admin Officer (Attendance)

Mrs B Barnes

Admin Officer (Support)

Mrs S Hart

Admin Officer (Attendance)

Mrs J Crosby

Admin Officer (Behaviour)

Mrs A Gallagher


Teaching & Learning

Examination Officer/Headteacher PA


Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer

Mrs J McCoy

Learning Mentors:

Mr C Murphy

Mr E Jenkins (Assistant Head of Year 11)

Mr A Rogers

Senior Science Technician

Mr G Parkinson

Science Technicians:

Ms H Igbokwe

Mr O Crispin

Mr J Boardman

Art Technician

Miss A Bishop

PE Technician

Mr M Riley

Design & Technology Technicians:

Miss L Grugel

Mrs A Hamill

Higher Level Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs C Pye

Mr I Griffiths

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs A Al-Suraimi

Mrs S Elliott

Mrs L Levy

Mr S Hughes

Mrs K Holloway

Ms M Lynch

6th Form Study Supervisors

Mrs A McCaig

Mr E Tocher

Cover Supervisor

Miss C Hartley

Updated 18/03/2021