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The school ensures children learn in a safe, caring and enriching environment. Children are taught how to identify risky, unsafe or problematic situations, how and when to seek help, how to develop positive and healthy relationships and how to avoid situations where they might be at risk including by being exploited.  

The school also has a statutory responsibility to share any concerns it might have about a child in need of protection with other agencies and in particular police, health and children’s services. Schools are not able to investigate child protection concerns but have a legal duty to refer them. In most instances the school will be able to inform the parents/carers of its need to make a referral. However, sometimes the school can in certain circumstances share information without the consent of the family and may be advised by children’s services or police that the parent/carer cannot be informed whilst they investigate the matter or make enquires. We understand the anxiety parents/carers understandably feel when they are not told about any concerns from the outset. The school follows legislation that aims to act in the interests of the child.

The school will always seek to work in partnership with parents and other agencies to ensure the best possible outcomes for the child and family.

Calderstones School is committed to providing Early Help to our students and their families.

What is Early Help?

  • Identifying needs of children, young people and their family across a continuum of need (see LSCB's Responding to Need Guidance and Levels of Need Framework).

  • Understanding and responding quickly to identified needs.

  • Listening to children and families so that their views are informing what happens next. Supporting and re-focusing resources from crisis to prevention, and helping to avoid concerns repeating over time.

  • Supporting families to achieve their full potential and thereby mitigate the impact of issues such as child poverty and health inequalities.

  • Providing the context for multi-agency working to help children and families achieve improved outcomes.

Operation Encompass

We participate in a project in partnership with Merseyside Police called Operation Encompass alongside all other schools in Liverpool.  The project aims to support children who are affected by domestic abuse.  Our safeguarding team are all trained to liaise with the police, when required, whilst ensuring support is available to the child. 

If you would like to speak to someone further about the project or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Designated Safeguarding Lead who is Miss S York.

Letter regarding Operation Encompass

Poster regarding Operation Encompass (English)

Poster regarding Operation Encompass (Arabic)

Social Media Inappropriate Content Guidance

Most social media apps and websites have procedures for removing inappropriate content. Often these websites rely on users ‘reporting’ inappropriate content to them. Below are links for more information regarding the procedures for reporting content for several high-profile social media networks/services:

Instagram Help Centre

Reporting TikTok Content

Reporting Snapchat Content

Reporting content via your Facebook account

How to report offensive content on Twitter

Safeguarding-specific links are below:



PACE (Parents Against Child Exploitation)



Safer Internet UK

Stop It Now

Mermaids UK

 Safeguarding-related documents:

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