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Oxford University

Calderstones School has received the honour of being asked to join New College, Oxford’s 'Step Up Programme'. The programme has been designed to help, support and inspire academic students in Year 11 and throughout the 6th form. We are proud to be one of a small number of schools from across the whole of the UK to be selected to take part. Students who join our 6th Form in Year 12 from other schools can still join the programme, despite not completing the first few steps in Year 11 with us.

The programme will give the students sustained contact with New College, University of Oxford, and help them get ready to apply to competitive academic courses in the 6th Form.  The programme will include visits to Oxford which are fully-funded by New College.  Free overnight accommodation will also be provided to schools who wish to visit Oxford’s Open Days in June.

The programme runs as follows:

  • Step 1: What is Oxford really like? Oxford students visit school to talk to Y11.
  • Step 2: What is Oxford like? What are my options?  Y11 visit to New College and Oxford.
  • Step 3: Critical reading (Y12) – School based session at the start of Y12
  • Step 4: Over The Wall Open Day – Student-led Open Day at New College (Spring term, Y12).
  • Step 5: Personal Statement session – School based session (Summer term, Y12).
  • Step 6: Preparing for interviews and admissions tests – start of Y13.

We look forward to working with New College, Oxford and inspiring the next generation of highly talented university students. 

Cambridge University

From its inception in 2014, we have been heavily involved in Cambridge University’s HE+ Scheme in Merseyside. The programme works with the most academic students in the 6th form and helps them develop their independent research, communication and presentation skills. Subject specific masterclasses are also given in a university setting in order to inspire the students to achieve at the highest level. The scheme culminates in a bespoke visit to Cambridge University to experience university life at one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Students also have access to the HE+ website and will be invited to personal statement and admission workshops throughout the year.

Our Oxbridge alumni often visit Calderstones to inspire and engage with the next group of academic students.