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Est. 1921

Our School Vision

To provide a first-class comprehensive education that finds the potential in each student and develops resilient individuals ready for adult life.

Strategic Focus:

  • To develop a visionary Leadership Team and strong Governing Body to ensure consistency and continuous drive towards improvement.
  • To offer a wide range of opportunities both within and beyond the curriculum so that students have access to high quality learning experiences and develop a thirst for learning.
  • To develop a strong, motivated, inspirational staff body, delivering high standards of teaching and pastoral support.
  • To prepare and equip students for adult life through outstanding careers provision and advice so that they develop into confident, capable and highly aspirational young citizens.
  • To develop students who are mentally healthy, are making progress on their physical literacy journey, understand the importance of their own safety and well-being and feel supported, highly valued and listened to.
  • To draw on and celebrate the school and the community’s rich diversity and distinctiveness so that all stakeholders feel welcome, valued and proud to be members of the Calderstones ‘family’.