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GSO Test

Est. 1921

Video Learning - Geography (Year 9)


Choose the appropriate topic below:

TNCs criticised/Nike

Link to Video Lesson

Globalisation and Development

What is Development?

Measuring Development

The Development Gap

Reducing the Development Gap

Malaria and its impact on Development

Globalisation and Development Revision

Where do the poorest people live?

Link to worksheet 1 for video 1

Link to worksheet 2 for video 1

BIG World

1. Introduction to China

2. Mapping China

3. China's Growth

4. China's One Child Policy

5. Why did China scrap its One Child Policy?

6. Three Gorges Dam

7. Introduction to India

8. Development and poverty

9. Monsoon

10. Child Labour

Middle East

1. Introduction to the Middle East

2. The Arabian Peninsula

3. Middle East climate

4. Desert animal adaptations

5. The Greater Middle East - Afghanistan (Recording from Live Lesson)

6. Is Saudi Arabia a developed country?

7. Conflict in the Middle East (Live Lesson Follow-Up)

8. The heroin trail

9. Why is Yemen so poor? (Live Lesson Recording)

10. Desert plant adaptations

11. War in Syria: COMING SOON

12. Tropic of Cancer


1. Introduction to Africa

2. Physical Africa (Live Lesson Recording)

3. Has development affected the San Bushmen? (wb. 1/3/21)

5. Africa in the media (wb. 8/3/21)

6. Population change in Africa (wb. 8/3/21)

7. The Sahel (wb. 15/3/21)

8. Urbanisation in Africa (wb. 15/3/21)

9. Progress exam revision (wb. 22/3/21)


Year 9

4. My learning, my future’: COMING SOON