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Video Learning - Geography (Year 11)



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Urbanisation and Mega Cities

Link to Video Lesson

Urban Challenges

A case study of a major city in a newly emerging economy (NEE): Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro - Location and Opportunities

Rio de Janeiro - Favela Bairro Project

UK Cities

Video 1 - Where do people live?

Video 2 - Welcome to Liverpool

Video 3 - Liverpool Challenges Part 1

Video 4 - Liverpool Challenges Part 2

Video 5 - Liverpool Inequalities

Video 6 - Urban Regeneration (Liverpool)

Video 7 - Urban Sustainability (Liverpool)

Geographical Skills

Video 1 - Introduction

Economical Challenges

Video 1 - Introduction

Video 2 - Social Indicators

Video 3 - Demographic Transition Model

Video 4 - Causes of Uneven Development (Live Lesson)

Video 5 - Consequences of Uneven Development

Video 6 - Strategies to reduce uneven development: Tourism

Video 7 - Strategies to reduce uneven development

Economical Challenges - Nigeria

Video 1 - Introduction to Nigeria (Live Lesson recording)

Video 2 - Nigeria's industrial structure

Video 3 - Live lesson - Transnational Corporations in Nigeria (08/02/21)

Video 4 - Nigeria's changing political and trading relationships (wb. 08/02)

Video 5 - Impacts of economic development in Nigeria (Live Lesson Recording) COMING SOON

Video 6 - International Aid (wb. 01/03)

The changing economic world - The UK

Video 1 - The changing UK economy (wb. 08/03)

Video 2 - The reasons behind the changing industrial structure in the UK (wb. 15/03)

Video 3 - How Industry in the UK can be more sustainable (wb. 22/03)

Year 11 Work Output Resource Booklet

Video 1


Physical Geography Revision

1. Hazards

2a. Tropical Rainforests (Adaptations)

2b. Tropical Rainforests (Deforestation)

3. Hot Deserts

Desertification (Revision)

Causes of Desertification

Impacts of Desertification

Solutions to Desertification

Revision for Mocks

Formation of headlands and bays

Formation of arches, caves, stacks and stumps and wave cut platforms