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Calderstones School Policy for determining teacher assessed grades – Summer 2021

Exam Timetables

You will receive individual exam timetables for both internal and external exams which you must check carefully.  If there are any errors or questions you must speak to the exams officer in the Upstairs Resource Centre as soon as possible.  Note: This timetable will also indicate both your exam room and seat number.

What to do if you feel unwell during an exam

If you feel unwell during the exam, please raise your hand and inform the invigilator immediately. If you feel unwell before the exam begins please inform your HOY or the Exams Officer so suitable arrangements for you to sit the exam can be arranged. 

What to do if you are late?

Find the exams officer immediately, in most cases you will be able to sit the exam.

Can I take a drink into the exam?

Only drinking water in a clear plastic bottle will be allowed into the exam room.  The label must be removed.  Other drinks and food will not be permitted.

Can I take my phone into the exam?

NO!  This is strictly against JCQ regulations and the exam boards will disqualify you for that exam paper and potentially all of your other exams.

When will I receive my exam certificates?

Certificates can be collected from Quarry Office from January onwards.

  • Ideally you should collect their certificates in person
  • If you would like someone in your immediate family to collect your certificates, (e.g. parent or sibling), we need a signed letter from you.  The person collecting the certificates will need to bring some form of ID with them.

Note: It is your responsibility to check you have received all your certificates and that all the grades showing are correct, (particularly if you have had grade changes following reviews of marking). If you have any queries regarding your certificates, go to the Exams Officer immediately.  The school do not have copies of certificates and exam boards do not re-issue them, it is therefore important that certificates are NOT lost.