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Course Details

Exam Board and specification code:

AQA Music (7272)

Course Co-ordinator:

Mr Sheard

Video Introduction:

What is this course about?

This course is about gaining understanding and encouraging appreciation of all music genres in all contexts. Pupils will learn how to analyse music and write detailed analytical essays on various pieces. Pupils will also learn the theoretical principles of fundamental harmony in order to compose in addition to performing on their instrument/voice.

Course Content

Component 1: Appraising Music (40%)

  • Listening questions
  • Analysis
  • Essay question

Component 2: Performance (35%)

  • One recital of contrasting pieces
  • Minimum of 10 minutes in length

Component 3: Composition (25%)

  • Composition 1: Composition to a brief
  • Composition 2: Free Composition

Total time of both must be at least 4 ½ minutes.

What might this course lead on to?

This course can lead on to both further and higher education studies as well as subject based professions:

  • Music Technology
  • Music Degree
  • Music Conservatoire/College
  • School Music Teacher
  • Instrumental teaching
  • Various work in Performing Arts
  • Sound technology
  • Music Therapy

Entry Requirements:

Pupils are expected to perform at approximately Grade 8 standard for A-Level