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Core Maths

Course Details

Exam Board and specification code:

AQA 1350

Course Co-ordinator:

Mrs V Harrald

Video Introduction:

What is this course about?

Core Maths is a course for those who want to keep up their valuable maths skills but are not planning to take AS or A-level mathematics. At the end of the one-year course, you will come out with a level 3 qualification in Mathematical Studies from the AQA examination board – similar to an AS. The qualification is assessed by two, 1 hour 30 minutes, final exams.

Course Content

Representing Data Numerically

Representing Data Diagrammatically


Interest Rates

Perimeter, Circumference and Area

Similarity and Pythagoras

Surface Area

Graphical Representation

Equation of Straight Lines

Regression Lines


Repayments and Credit

Solution To Financial Problems

Critical Analysis

Limits Of Accuracy

Personal Finance

What might this course lead on to?

The skills developed in the study of mathematics are increasingly important in the workplace and in higher education; studying Core Maths will help you keep up these essential skills. Most students who study maths after GCSE improve their career choices and increase their earning potential.

Although Core Maths is a new course several universities have already come out in strong support of it. Even subjects like history now recognise the importance of statistics and so a Core Maths qualification will help you hit the ground running at university.

Employers from all different sectors are also firmly behind the Core Maths qualification. Many roles in today’s workplace require high levels of budget management and problem-solving skills; Core Maths will be a useful tool in equipping you with these skills.

Entry Requirements:

Grade 5 or above in GCSE Maths.