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Ray Barnes and Gareth Johnson
Also taking part in the Tower 2 Tower cycle challenge.
500+ miles in 5 days from the Radio City tower in Liverpool to the Eiffel Tower in Paris!
Robin Ireland
Chief Executive of Heart of Mersey and Health Equalites Group 
Governor of Calderstones school and Tower2Tower rider!
Today, 27th March 27 2014, we interviewed Robin Ireland one of the Calderstones school governors.
We asked him questions on things such as healthy eating and the Tower2Tower sponsored bike ride. I speak for all of my peers in Calder News Team when I say we enjoyed it and we were very passionate when asking our questions.
Allan Preston and Tom O'Brien
Members of Calderstones school who are taking part in the Tower 2 Tower cycle challenge for a Liverpool based mental health charity Imagine Independance
Click HERE to Mrs Paula Evans/Accreditation of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter for Calderstones School
A few pictures from the day
Reports from our dedicated school reporters on what they thought of the day
Today Calderstones school took part in school news report day and I have to say that I have loved every second of it. I first joined the team because I like interviewing the wide variety of people and it gives me something to focus on for my school years and today has been my first school news report day and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of it. It allows me to improve all my reporting skills for the next year so it can look more professional.
For today we have interviewed Robin Ireland ,a governor for Calderstones school located in Liverpool about healthy lifestyles and the tower2tower cycling which where two interesting topics to talk about.
We then interviewed two teachers who work at Calderstones School named Mr. Preston and Mr. O’ Brien to talk about the tower2tower journey of 500 miles from Liverpool to Paris in France for a mental health charity.
After that we had a go at doing the weather with the green screen and learnt how the camera works too. It was a lot of fun.
We are now going to interview two other teachers who also work at Calderstones School named Mr. Johnson and Mr. Barnes again about the tower2tower cycle. I know it seems like a repetitive day and doesn’t but we do more than just the tower2tower interviews and its so much fun to do. Today has been a really interesting school day and would love to do it again next year.
Today we have done many fun things. This is my second year doing BBC School News Report and it has been brilliant. On my first year I went to BBC Radio Merseyside and had a great time interviewing pupils from Derry. However this year I gave the introduction to all 3 interviews with cyclists that are on the Calderstones Tower2Tower team and one of our school governors, Robin Ireland, who talked to us about the importance of health. Also I had a chance to use the green screen to create a weather report. 
 I was off my timetable all day and we had our first interview at 9am. We asked Robin Ireland things about healthy lifestyles and how to live healthy.
Our next interview was about Tower2Tower challenge to raise money for the Imagine Independence charity. After we had our lunch the next interviewee came in. We asked questions about Tower2Tower challenge.
The cyclists are going to cycle 500miles from Liverpool Tower to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The cyclists start at Liverpool Radio City Tower 106miles to Leominster and from Leominster to Abingdon 87miles and then from Abingdon to Newhaven/Dieppe 103miles then from Newhaven/Dieppe and with a boat across the English channel to Evreux 75 miles in France and at last from Evreux to Eiffel Tower 67 miles.
Our very own BBC Weather reports!

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